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Agences Locales au Service des Immigrants

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“If you are a newcomer to the Ottawa, Ontario region and want assistance, we are here to help.  We can meet you in-person or online depending on your preference.”  

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On-Line Settlement Services Portal.

The Local Agencies Serving Immigrants (LASI) On-Line Settlement Services  Portal provides an online portal through which agencies are able to offer:

1.  Settlement services such as needs assessment, orientation, supportive counselling, referrals etc. to ISAP eligible clients. This platform will allow the scheduling of video chat/conferencing sessions with clients, online form filling, real time resource sharing and an interface with the OCASI client management system to facilitate input of client information and services for later upload into iCare. The target audience is ISAP eligible clients seeking settlement supports who prefer or require (rural, housebound etc) online service delivery.

2.  A centralized resource library including information on  all services/programs offered by members of the LASI coalition as well, as other stakeholders offering settlement and integration supports. The site will be searchable by parameters such as agency, service/program type and geographic location to best facilitate comprehensive and seamless information sharing.

3.  Hosting of workshops,courses and webinars on settlement and integration related topics through a shared learning management system (lms).